1.   What are the age and time requirements for Unified Taekwon-Do Black Belt Rank Certification ?

            A.  Requirements can be found here.

2.   How can I apply for Black Belt Certification?

            A.  You will need to contact a Master Instructor in your area and he/she will give you            

            information for application and rank requirements.  (Contact information is here)

3.   Is your program closed to other ITF affiliates?

            A.  No.  Following General Choi's wishes, Unified-Taekwon-Do accepts all students regardless

            of race, creed, religion, color or association affiliation.

4.  How do I apply for Unified Taekwon-Do Membership?

            A.  You can contact us here for individual membership and school charter.

5.  Can you help me with my training?

            A.  Senior and Master instructors in your area will welcome you to training at any time.  

            Your Unified TKD membership let's you train at Unified schools around the world.